Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Celebrate Earth Day with Joey Totes! (Update: Giveaway!)

***Update 5-10-09*** Joey Totes winner!
The winner is....RobynsOnlineWorld.
Joey Totes Contest!
Leave a comment with ways you use reusable bags & be entered to win a
Joey Set of 1 Big 2 Small tote bags! (a $20 value!)

Contest ends Tuesday, May 5, 2009. Winner will be chose randomly.
All those who already left a comment are counted in the contest!

Make at least one change in your life this Earth Day and stop using plastic bags when you shop. Joey Totes can make
that easy.

Joey Totes are the coolest reusable bags yet!

They are lightweight and fold up into themselves.
They are machine washable.

They are strong (made of ripstop nylon and hold up to 40 lbs).
They are affordable-just $20 for a l
arge and 2 smalls (hint: SAVE 10% with Coupon code TWOFER) coupon expires May 31, 2009

Here's what the Joey Tote looks like folded up:

Small, flat, easily fits in your car or purse

Here's what the Joey Tote looks like stuffed....and this is the small!

Expands, lightweight, sturdy

Here's what else I realized about Joey Totes:

They hold WAY more than plastic bags.
The handles don't cut into your hands and arms like the plastic bag handles.
They don't blog away like plastic bags.
They are reusable over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over and over....

Twofer Readers get 10% OFF your Joey Totes purchase!

Go to:
Choose the totes sizes you want.
Use Coupon Code: TWOFER

That's it!
Then come back and tell me how you'll use your Joey Totes so we can all trade ideas.
I'm feeling Green...


  1. @laundrylane says Pool & to transport potluck food

  2. @BizMomMentor says for packing outfits in our luggage for traveling and one for wet swimwear

  3. I use reuseable bags to pack outfits in our luggage when travelling. Always take a spare to bring home wet swimwear too!
    Simply Yours, Debbye Cannon

  4. I use them to take clothes to the consignment shop or junk to goodwill and to organize my closets and as a diaper bag and toys on the go bag and the food thing to and swimming too and I just use them all the time I love them.

  5. We use our bags for shopping mostly. Also when we go to the lake house and we take groceries with us we use them to transport the non-cold foods also.

  6. I love to use them for road trips for the kids toys and snacks. I pack a few so each kid has their own goodie bag, plus a spare for trash collection.

  7. Easy to keep in the trunk so you always have them for shopping trips. Some of the reusable bags are hard to fold up or take up quite a bit of space.

  8. I use them for many different things. Whenever I take the kids someplace and need to carry stuff I use a bag. I also use them when shopping (if the store allows). Our cats also like to use them to cuddle in.

  9. I'd use them for shopping, to carry clothes & PJs to Grandmas for a sleepover, carring books to the library

    tiramisu392 (at)

  10. What do I use reusable bags for: let me see...I use one to hold my son's neubulizer and nebulizer meds, I use some for grocery shopping, My kids use them for the library (they rent alot of books an the check out ladies always try to put them in plastic bags), My kids use them as overnight bags when visiting people overnight. I have even been known to wrap presents in reusuable bags (extra gift). Basically I use reusable bags for many different things.

  11. Since we now have to pay for bags at the grocery store I will use them to carry groceries and save the trees and landfills!
    These are super cute
    I follow you through twitter.
    Have a great evening

  12. I use them for shopping, farmers markets flea markets and for overnight trips-they certainly come in handy and are great for the environment!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  13. I use my bags for tons of shopping, library with the kids, soccer and baseball practice, farmer's market, beach trips, park,rummage sales, activity bags for the kids while in the car...I use them for EVERYTHING! And I always have a stash of empty ones in the car just in case I find myself in need of a bag!
    Anne Younger