Friday, May 1, 2009

The What-did-they-do-before-breast-pumps? Evenflo Giveaway

***UPDATE 5-9-09***
Winner of the Evenflo Comfort Select breast pump and nursing pads is....Rusti!
Congratulations and thanks everyone for entering!

This is not a ‘product review’ as I am not currently breast-feeding and I have not actually tried this product. I do, however, know a little something about breast pumps.

What I know about breast pumps.

I pumped a lot.
I pumped 4 times a
day for 45 minutes at a time.
I pumped in front of people. Men even.
I pumped driving up the New Jersey Turnpike racing to get to my father before he died.
I believe I remember pumping IN the hospital as I waited to give him my last goodbyes but those memories are fuzzy and all I know is that I was in that hospital all day and so I would have HAD to pump at some point.
I then pumped before and after my father’s funeral.

You se
e, my twins did not take to breastfeeding. Oh, I tried. I tried, then I cried. I tried, I cried again, I went to a lactation consultant. The lactation consultant was very nice. She told me at least one of the girls had a strange sucking thing that meant she could latch on all day and NOT get and ounce of breast milk. She told me I could work at teaching the babies how to suck correctly, but as I mentioned before, my father died. I had a lot going on.

I remembered thinking, “What would I have done if I didn’t have a breast pump? Would my twins have just perished?” So pumping is one reason I did not go completely insane those early days, because while I was an emotional mess, at least I knew they were getting breast milk.

Evenflo Comfort Select Performance Breast Pump

The Evenflo brand was definitely one that I trusted. Infact, I think I JUST tossed out the leftover Evenflo nursing pads that prevented many a wet spot for me. The Evenflo Comfort Select pump really seems to be made for moms who are on-the-go. The carrying case is much smaller than the one I had, and it has dual motors. That might have cut down on my pumping time! I like that all components are made without BPA and contain less than 0.01% phthalates. But what really caught my eye is the base – you know, the part that holds the when you are done pumping what little breast milk you can get after 45 minutes it won’t tip over and spill all over the place!

For more information on the Evenflo Comfort Select pumps visit and check out as well where you can read breast feeding tips and enter to win your own Evenflo breast pump.

Enter to win an Evenflo pump for yourself or win one as a gift!

Thanks to Mom Central I have one Evenflo Comfort Select Performance breast pump AND two boxes of Evenflo Comfort Select nursing pads (one with Lanolin) to giveaway to one lucky reader!

Here’s how to enter:
Leave a comment telling me who the pump is for and either why they(you) need it OR your funniest breastfeeding / pumping story! Winner will be chosen by random drawing.

Extra entries
(the more chances you have of winning) – be sure to leave a separate comment for each!
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Contest ends Thursday, May 7, 2009 at 11:59pm
Good luck and I'm looking forward to some funny stories,


  1. It's for meeeeeeeee! I am happily expecting again (#5!) but I havent mentioned it on my blog yet b/c I'm waiting to tell family so shhhhh!! (I spilled the beans on twitter though b/c they are all :::old fogey::: Twa? Twitty?

    and I would love to win b/c this last time, I could not get anything with my hand pump- nothing! It was very discouraging and very hard to leave the house alone as a result.


    tweeted, oh and forgot to leave my email

    fidgetblogs at gmail dot com

  3. I'm due with my 3rd daughter in early August and I have never been able to breastfeed. This time I'm going to pump exclusively. I don't have a funny story but if I win I'm sure I'll experience one soon enough! Nothing funnier than a rookie pumper!


  4. tweeted

  5. I would want it for me probably - I have an almost 4 month old, and while I love my Medela Pump N Style - it's kinda big and lugging it to and from work everyday is a bit of a hassle... it would be SOOO nice to have a second pump - and one that is so compact would be GREAT!

    If I were to win it and NOT use it for myself, I'd be giving it to my sister who is due with her first in August - so if her insurance doesn't cover a pump (like mine didn't) and she doesn't receive one as a gift, I would definitely give it to her...

  6. I subscribed - and didn't leave my e-mail in the last comment (was I supposed to??) oops! my bad!

  7. and I've tweeted... okay - think I'm done, unless I get a chance to blog today... which I haven't in about 5 months... what would make today any different? ;)

  8. I too pumped on the NJ turnpike visiting my mother often right after my Dad died as well. I pumped in bathrooms at the airport, you name it, I pumped there. My daugther who was a preemie could not latch on or suck properly so I pumped for many months. My sister is now expecting and I would love to be able to give her the breast pump.

    Lorraine (playgroup)

  9. I pumped in the bathroom at a party and a man i really didn't know was standing outside waiting to go...I forget his comment, but it was an attempt at stupid humor. I was beet red because he knew what I was doing in there for so long. I avoided him all night.

  10. On a road trip, we had to pull over randomly in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere so I could feed the baby. A police officer drove by and asked us if we were ok. We said, "just feeding the baby!" I think he was kind of embarrassed!

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