Monday, June 1, 2009

5 Things I Love about Crocs

My NEW Cabana Crocs

1. Crocs Don't Smell when my Feet Sweat

Maybe this is TMI but my feet s
weat, a lot sometimes. Whatever, I'm sure you're are no roses. Anyway, Crocs don't smell even after the longest walk on a 90 degree day. And actually, my feet don't sweat at all in my new Cabana Crocs!

2. Crocs has Affordable Comfort and Style

The average cost of a pair of Crocs i
s what, $30? Maybe $40? I think my Cabanas were about $50. My original pair of Crocs have lasted over 3 years...and they are still going. I have never had a $30 pair of shoes last that long. I'm getting my money's worth for sure. And comfort is something that simply cannot be debated.

3. Crocs has @GeorgeGSmithJr

George is a Crocs blogger, he represents Crocs on Twitter, and is an all-around nice guy. Just ask any one of his
2500 followers. He is a perfect example of how a big company can reach out to consumers and make them love them even more. Since "meeting" George I have really gained a sense of loyalty to Crocs which has resulted in me buying 3 more pairs of Crocs - one for me and one for each of the girls.

4. Crocs has Great customer service

When the rivet broke off of my daughter's Mary Jane Crocs my friend George sent me the link to where I can order more. And by order, I mean fill in your name and address and they send you a packa
ge of them for FREE! You can also get replacement straps!

5. Crocs is Spreading the Love

Most recently I had ordered a pair of Crocs with a gift certificate I received at the Blissdom conference. It was taking an unusually long time but I was patient as paying customers surely take precedence over my freebies. I tweeted with George a few times and he had me email him my information again. A week later I received my Cabanas. A week after that I received a second pair!
When I told George I think I had been a little too squeaky of a wheel he said, "Keep the extra and spread the love!"

And so, that 's what I'm going to do. The size 8 Cabanas are going to be donated to a local women's shelter and I'm spreading my love for Crocs here with you.



  1. I love Crocs for my kids. They are all around summer shoes, they can put them on without help and they span sizes so their rapidly growing feet don't require a new pair of shoes every month.

  2. I love crocs too! My kids love crocs! My husband loves crocs! They are great for travel, beach and everyday! Thanks for your post!

  3. I have never understood why Crocs are so controversial. I am a big fan of anything that is comfortable.

  4. I don't own a pair. I didn't really like the look of them but the photo you posted caught my eye! Those are cool.

  5. At first, I resisted the Croc movement. Then, when we were in the Caribbean for a month, I found a sleek pair worth trying, and the Croc Family was born. Now, it's an essential element of our summer wear that also includes Keenes, and hiking boots.

  6. my kids swear by the more traditional clog look with crocs. maybe someday I'll own a pair too.