Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Small Expectations

I've always been one to recycle, turn the lights off, and turn the thermostat up/down a few degrees to save energy. But I can't say I've recycled EVERY can and bottle. I practically live in my car. And my first thought when I consider solar panels is if they'll interrupt my satellite service.

However, I can't open the paper without reading an article about the ice caps melting, and at over $4 a gallon, my car is no longer an ideal second home. I really am becoming concerned with how I can make a difference for the environment AND, let's be honest, SAVE money.

I have very small expectations for myself in terms of turning a dark shade of green. I know I won't be making any major adjustments in my life soon. But this space will give me the opportunity to catalog all those cool sites, gadgets, and ways to be a little green. And maybe a little here and there will add up to a lot.

Baby steps.

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